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Provision Auto Ship LLC. offers you important customer service support and live tracking, Bumper to bumper insured transportation.
By shipping direct with a carrier you will only have some or even none of the benefits that we’ve offered.

With a very professional team who knows exactly what customers need. With great discounts, we promise to make your vehicle shipment experience very convenient and hassle free.


While most of logistics & transportation companies that we’ve encountered with tend to work with 1 type of shipping, we do all!

When you need to transport your vehicle from, we take all the care about either transportation itself, the freight and manifest documentation and all other routine tasks!

Making transportation fast and safe

Since the day 1 of our founding , we’ve always had the same set of principles that we’ve cherished throughout all of our logistics & transportation operations. That includes both our determination of being able to serve all clients across the globe, regardless of the location, just as well as our commitment to being able to offer all types of cargo shipment – from air & railway all the way to trucking & ocean freight.


With our trucks ranging from regular heavy-duty ones to specialized, with special conditions for special freight, we can deliver it all!

When we’re taking a new transportation order, we always make sure to provide both first-class servicing, clean equipment, professional lorry drivers and a professional back-office and sales personnel!


Each single member of our trucking company’s team is a seasoned truckie, with tens of thousands of miles traveled while delivering your goods.

With our trucks fleet consisting of opened and enclosed trucks, we’re the ultimate trucking transportation provider in the country!


We do recognize how important the delivery schedule is, so we never lose time idly and 99% of the time we arrive AHEAD of the schedule.

With all of trucks enhanced by a state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading, we are able to track and monitor all of our trucks in real-time.

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We aim to make our service as reasonably priced, as possible, allowing multiple SMBs to use our trucking for good!

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